The Beginning

About Tansy

Kelsey, Founder of Tansy, headshot
Tansy's Founder Kelsey Petrich

Tansy started as a spreadsheet created by Tansy's founder Kelsey in early 2017. Today, Tansy has evolved to equipping users to help them make better purchase decisions.

Strapped with student loan debt, a car payment, and home improvements, Kelsey and her husband, Nick knew they couldn't live like this forever.

While they felt like they were earning more than enough from their jobs, money alway seemed tighter than they thought it should be. In early 2017, they decided they wanted to start paying down their debt as fast as possible so they could lower their financial stress.

Kelsey created a spreadsheet that while laborous, was the beginning of what you know Tansy as today. She mapped out each of their upcoming expenses and income day-by-day for the next 12 months. Then she created a forecast calculation to predict how much money they would have on any given day in the next year. Every few days she would update the starting balance to get an updated forecast.

Kelsey and Nick could easily see from the spreadsheet when they would have extra money in their forecast and how much extra. Then that extra money was used to pay down their debts faster than the banks required. After just a few days of using the spreadsheet, they knew they were on to something. They were confidently paying down their debt as fast as possible and always had enough left to cover their base expenses.

From Spreadsheet to the Web

After Kelsey and Nick used the Tansy spreadsheet to pay down debt, they began using it to plan out purchases and financial decisions. They used it to figure out how to afford moving across the country, selling a house, buying a new house, and increasing their retirement contributions. They started sharing their successes with friends who also started using the spreadsheet for their own financial decisions.

To be able to serve many more folks in making better financial decisions, Kelsey learned how to code and built Tansy's first web application. Today, you can check Tansy out for free by starting a 14-day free trial. You can see exactly how you can make sure your new house or car will fit into your finances. Join the Tansy team today in making better purchase decisions!

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